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Legollion Coin

Welcome to

Legollion Coin!

Created by On line peer to peer African Crypto adoptive community in pursuit of self-help thriving Projects.

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*By trading you agree with the investment risks


What is

Legollion Coin?

The Legollion Coin is a token created on the Waves network that was adopted by the online African active p2pcommunity to aid self-help projects as well as promoting Africa's ICT digital advancement.


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Fee: 0.003 WAVES


Waves: 0.00000001

Legollion Coin is available on

Nomics Legollion Wallet

Legollion Wallet

Bicon Wallet Bicon DEX

Bicon DEX

Waves Dask Waves Explorer Waves Exchange coinranking coincodex coincheckup CoinMarketCap CoinGecko

Details for

Legollion Coin

Max Supply: Decimals: 8 Price: Market Cap: Currencies: *Real-time value update

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Form of Investment

Select below the currency you want to use as an investment for Legollion Coin

usdn USDN
busd BUSD

Pre-Sale Distribution

When does pre-sale distribution start?

The distribution of legollion coins to pre-sale investors will start as soon as the pre-sale period ends. The distribution will be done around 1 year in a uniform way based on the percentage invested.

How to track the distribution?

You can follow the distribution of values ​​for legollion coin investors in the "pre-sale" tab in Legollion Coin Wallet, where you can see a broader view of the distribution, as well as news about legollion coin.

How to claim?

After the end of the pre-sale, you will be able to claim your legollion coin, which will be distributed evenly to all the investors that were part of the pre-sale, going to the "pre-sale" tab and clicking "Claim" in the Legollion Coin Wallet.


Get Legollion Coin in 4 Steps

How to buy Legollion Coin?


Legollion Wallet

1. Step: Access Legollion wallet

Go to Legollion Wallet (click here) and choose between creating an account and logging in. Follow the steps and don't forget to save your login details in JSON or make a note of SeedPhrase so you don't lose your funds.

Waves Crypto

2. Step: Send $WAVES to Legollion Wallet

Buy Waves through Waves.Exchange or transfer it to your Legollion Coin wallet address from another wallet on the Waves network (e.g. Waves.Exchange or Binance).

Waves Exchange

3. Step: Visit the Waves.Exchange website

Go to Waves.Exchange and click on the "Sign Up" button, select "Software", enter a password and confirm it, then click on "Import accounts", select "Seed or Key", select "Seed phrase" and enter the Seed Phrase from your Legollion Wallet and click "Continue".

Legollion Coin Swap Waves Cryptos

4. Step: Swap $WAVES for Legollion Coin

Access the exchange from $WAVES to Legollion Coin. Enter the amount of $WAVES you wish to exchange for Legollion Coin. Click on "Buy Legollion Coin".

Because future is bright

Our Roadmap (Phase 1)

Currency Creation

It was on that date that Legollion Coin was issued on Waves' blockchain. 42 million Legollion Coin were issued.

05.25.2021 07:29:11

White paper Creation

Creation of the Legollion Coin white paper, which tells more about what the project is and the Currency

09.17.2021 17:09:31

Website creation

Creation of the official website of Legollion Coin along with everything about the coin and the project.

09.21.2021 16:40:31

Creation of Wallet

Creation of Legollion Wallet, where you can receive and transfer Legollion Coin in Waves blockchain.

09.21.2021 17:40:31


Addition of Legollion Coin to Nomics Platform.

09/27/2021 20:21:020:21:03


Addition of Legollion Coin to Coinranking Platform.



Addition of Legollion Coin to Coincodex Platform.



Addition of Legollion Coin to Coincheckup Platform.



Addition of Legollion Coin to CoinMarketCap Platform.

In progress


Addition of Legollion Coin to CoinGecko Platform.

In progress


Big news and things to come, keep an eye out for Legollion Coin.

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